January 12, 2010 by dyertrust

Our sympathy is extended to the friends and family of Mr Lloyd Skinner, a 37 year old Zimbabwean man, who died tragically in a shark attack on the 12th January 2010 at Fish Hoek beach.

At this time of the year, the increase of swimmers is matched by the movement of the Great White sharks into the shallows. In the winter months they prey on the Cape fur seal and so are based closer to the seal colonies. Reasons for this change of behaviour in summer are still being researched.

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January 11, 2010 by dyertrust

The whale season has come to a close and most southern right whales have left our shores. Dyer Island Cruises sometimes has to go skyward to find any remaining whales to ensure they still give their clients the best experience. So on the last day of 2009, our whale spotter, Kira Matiwane, took to the sky in a gyrocopter.

Luckily we found two mother and calf pairs still resting off Pearly Beach thus ensuring a wonderful trip later that day. It is very late in the year for any whales still to be found in the area and we hope they stay a lot longer.

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January 10, 2010 by dyertrust

The environment in which we live and on which we depend is undergoing rapid modification because of changes in global climate and because of land-transforming human activities. Our ability to weather these changes depends on our capacity to detect the first signs of them.

From cranes to korhaans to queleas, this new booklet describes how monitoring and research on birds can provide us with the early warning signs that we need. And there are many such signs in South Africa: numbers of African Penguins plummet; Red-billed Queleas, the "feathered locust", invade new areas; and Southern Black Korhaans disappear from places where they were plentiful 20 years ago.

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January 09, 2010 by dyertrust

Femina magazine kindly placed an advertisement in their December issue on behalf of the Trusts penguin project, encouraging their readers to purchase a unique gift this year a penguin home. See the Feminas editorial page for our ad. To purchase a here.