Marine volunteers assist with World Oceans Day

June 29, 2011 by dyertrust

World Oceans Day saw the volunteers assisting the Dyer Island ConservationTrust with children from Masakhane School.

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Winter sharks return to the bay

June 27, 2011 by dyertrust

Weve been saying for a while now that the winter white sharks have returned to the bay,but its been nothing like ever before. Four days in succession we have seen at least 20 sharks and the average has been around 12-15 individuals per trip, some days its been almost impossible to count! Were seeing quite a lot of new sharks with some familiar fins from earlier in the season. Betty, Chopper and Wolfie are all still here and our fin IDs are rattling along nicely with some interesting re-sights from previous seasons.

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June 08, 2011 by dyertrust

On World Oceans Day, 8 June,people from all over the globe honour this incredible resource. The theme is Youth-The Next Wave for Change. The Dyer Island Conservation Trust took the opportunity to have an educational lesson on our Marine Big 5 with the Football Foundations Group from Masakhane School. This was the second lesson with this group, the first being a beach cleanup. It is important for our children to fall in love with nature, for what the ocean provides so that in turn they will wish to protect it and the animals that live in it. Biologist Nick Jones took the lesson and this was followed up with a quiz and a colouring in competition and of course some small prizes were on offer. The children were assisted byFootball Foundationsinternational volunteers Boris and Amy together with Lily Upton from Grootbos Foundation.Marine Dynamics volunteerswere also on hand Hannah, JoJanneke, Nick, Frank and Calvin. Some of our volunteers are also working with the eco schools group at Masakhane together with co-ordinator Gina Boysen.

(Thanks to DSB Tours for transport)

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June 07, 2011 by dyertrust

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust recently led two beach clean ups, both. The first was as part of the Football Foundations educational programme with scholars from Masakhane. Together with Wilfred Chivell, the team eagerly cleaned up a stretch from the Strandveld Museum in Franskraal. This area yielded a full bag of fishing line in under an hour, among other rubbish. Lots of food wrappers, clothing items, bags and bottles.

The second was with the prefects from Gansbaai Academia and the area cleaned was Kleinbaai Harbour. Here the worst offender was cigarette filters with over 400 collected. This combined with a lesson on our marine species and the impacts of marine pollution will hopefully be something this very dynamic team will go on and share with the rest of the school.

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Volunteer Update

June 06, 2011 by dyertrust

The sharks have been amazing this past few months with sometimes up to 20 sharks or more being sighted on one trip. The month of May was very exciting forGreat White Shark Research.

Manuel, from Germany, joined us for the 3rd year. Manuel is a Biology student from The University of Marburg and is currently doing his Bachelors Thesis about the subsurface identification of Great White Sharks in the Dyer Island Region. Together with ourmarine biologists,Marine Dynamics, Dyer Island Conservation Trust and Fasttrax, he is working on achieving his research results. It was also very exciting for this young biologist to meet world renowned shark scientist Dr Leonard Compagno and Afrioceans Conservation Exective Director Lesley Rochat who joined us on Slashfin.

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June 05, 2011 by dyertrust

New research to unravel mysteries Great White Shark begins as population falls to historic lowAs numbers of Great White Sharks reach an all-time low, theDyer Island Conservation Trusthas begun pioneering research to answer vitally important questions about this mysterious apex predator. This work is urgent as theGreat White Sharkis already classified as "vulnerable" to extinction with numbers falling by about 20% every three generations.

Here at Gansbaai, Western Cape - The Great White Shark Capital of the World - our residentmarine biologistshave unique opportunities to conduct some of the world-class research needed to rapidly respond to the crisis. Supported by our partnerMarine Dynamics, this work has already begun in co-operation with South African universities. But funding and sponsorship are urgently needed to allow the studies to continue and expand.

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6th Shark tagged!

June 01, 2011 by dyertrust

Thanks to the generous donations from our clients, we have been able to acoustically tag a 6th shark. The shark, now named Dale, is a 3.5m male that has shed even more new light on the mysteries surrounding the movement patterns of white sharks whilst utilising the Dyer Island system. Our previously tagged shark Zane (see previous blog) displayed some fascinating behaviour whilst patrolling shark alley, offshore of Geyser Rock and some previously unknown sites. Weve now got over 70 hrs of his movements recorded including some very interesting night time tracks. We are very excited to see if Dale displays different behaviour to Zane over the course of his stay at the island or if he chooses to patrol different sites.

Shark of the month

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