Faces of Need Penguin Project- Making a difference?

January 17, 2013 by dyertrust

faces of need penguins

With a conservation status of Endangered, and few remaining colonies in tact along the South African and Namibian coastline, it is inspiring to see to what lengths businesses will go to make a difference in the lives of the African Penguin.

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Running against extinction

January 04, 2013 by dyertrust

When a species reaches a decline rate of 80% over the last 50 years, someone should take note and do something about it! That someone has come in the form of a 35 year old, super energetic and inspirational man, by the name of Dave Chamberlain.
He is aiming to run 2 700km from Walvis Bay, in Namibia, all along the coast to St. Croix Island in Port Elizabeth. Averaging approximately 28km per run, he will reach this goal in a total of 95 days.

The route Dave follows will take him along the historical breeding range of the African Penguin, and he will be passing the last few existing colonies on this adventure. African Penguins are facing extinction, some believe this could happen in the next 15 years. I run to create awareness of the plight of this species. Says Dave as he pushes his 3 wheeled pram out of the road. He uses this to carry all of his equipment, a tent, sleeping bag, food and water. This has apparently caused quite some ruckus along the way, some people stopping next to him, ready to give him a mouth full for running in the extreme heat, in far off places, with a baby!

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