Southern Right Whale Annual Aerial Survey

October 11, 2013 by dyertrust

The Mammal Research Institute Whale Unit of the University of Pretoria will be able to do their annual helicopter survey of the southern right whale population over the first two to three weeks of October. This survey, to be carried out westwards from Natures Valley to Muizenberg, is the 35th in a series of surveys that have been carried out annually since 1979. The survey is flown some 500 to 800 m offshore and all encountered southern right whales and other whale species are recorded. Groups of southern right whales comprising a cow and calf pair are photographed with images of both the heads and the backs of the animals being taken, as individuals can be recognised from the patterns of the wart - like callosities on their heads and in some cases from the pigmentation patterns on their backs. Identification photography of such groups usually takes less than five minutes per group during which the helicopter hovers some 500ft above the whales.

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Noordkaap Voortrekker 2013 - Supports the Marine Big 5

October 02, 2013 by dyertrust


Once again the teachers with the Voortrekkers Group outdid themselves with their students full of knowledge about our Marine Big 5.

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