Walking with Great White Sharks

February 19, 2014 by dyertrust

Who can say that they have walked 600,000 steps alongside Great White Sharks?

Grant Christie,of Six Million Steps, has done just that -along the 300km stretch of coast in the Overstrand.

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66 Sharks Caught in West Australia

February 18, 2014 by dyertrust

Large sharks are facing another tragic fate at the hand of man, again, with a total of 66 sharks that have already been baited on the drumlines deployed across the west coast of Australia resultant of the Shark Mitigation Policy signed off by the Western Australian Government.Seventeenof these sharks were over the 3m kill limit and was killed and dumped out at sea. Of the 66 sharks caught, 63 were Tiger Sharks, 2 were Mako Sharks and 1 was a Black Tip.

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