International Coastal Cleanup 2014

September 21, 2014 by dyertrust

Every year, on the 20/21st September, the world comes together to tackle one of the biggest threats our ocean faces every single day pollution. Worldwide thousands of kilograms of Plastics, Monofilament Fishing line, and a magnitude of other pollutants wash out on our beaches - every single day.

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Critically Endangered Turtle saved!!!!

September 12, 2014 by dyertrust

On Thursday, 10th September 2014, Mr. Jacques Viviers who is a commercial fisherman in Gansbaai contacted the Dyer Island Conservation Trust about a sea turtle which was floating the Gansbaai harbor, amongst the trawlers.

On arrival, our rescuers Pieter, Kira and Star were shown a medium sized turtle floating close to one of the trawlers. Time was of the essence as the wary creature was slowly drifting towards a gap between the trawlers and the jetty. Kwezi used a hand net to scoop the lethargic creature from the water, and once in hand, it was evident this animal was in a very poor condition.

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