August 24, 2011 by dyertrust

Anyone who has visited Dyer Island Cruises orMarine Dynamicshas been regaled with tales of penguins and sharks by our story teller and passionate fundraiser Claudine.

And so in appreciation of all that Claudine does around here to raise money for the projects, a recently tagged great white shark has been named after her - a 3.3m female.

Claudine is affectionately known as Tannie Claudine (the Tannie is Afrikaans for Aunty) and this was just a little way for the team to show their appreciation of her.

So far, the shark Claudine has taken us to some really interesting places whilst tracking her inshore of the bay. One particular location she decided to patrol is an area close to Franskraal. The team have never tracked a shark so far east along the coast in this area or as close to the rocks! Shes certainly one of the more challenging animals to follow and has a habit of moving off at high speed when shes done investigating an area. Interestingly she has not made her way up to Dyer Island, which is strange considering it is July. All that we are learning is essential if we are to better understand and protect our sharks.

It is through the generous contributions of our clients that we have been able to facilitate the necessary research on our animals. So thank you for supporting our work!