January 15, 2012 by dyertrust

In March 2010, the Dyer Island Conservation Trust submitted a letter of concerns regarding the proposed nuclear power station at Bantamsklip, just over 22kilometres from our head office.

Having attended public participation meetings, a real concern exists that Bantamsklip (believed to be the 3rd preferred site) is definitely earmarked for development.

The Trust has together with theSave Bantamsklip organizationand Richard Pierce ofShark Conservation Society (UK)initiated a petition. This petition is currently supported by many of the shark cage diving operators in Gansbaai who are able to bring this topic to the attention of our international clients. The goal is a minimum of 10 000 signatures by the end of November.

The response recently received from Arcus Gibb on behalf of Eskom show that the Trust has been instrumental in raising the profile of this incredible marine area by:

- highlighting Dyer Island as an Important Bird Area recognized by Birdlife International

- noting the presence of the Leachs storm petrel

- noting the presence of the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin (which had been left out of the Environmental Impact Assesment)

- highlighting other marine species not covered in the EIA

Most importantly, Dr Peter Best of the University of Pretoria, will in future be consulted regarding the species of this area and any possible monitoring programmes.

We do not feel all our questions were sufficiently answered and a second draft EIA has been done for which the deadline for comment is 7th August 2011.

To read the full responseclick here. Our original submission can beread here.

save bantamsklipMore information can be viewed

Eskoms the Nuclear 1-Generation link

Arcus GIBB website: the Nuclear 1 EIA link

If you interested in following the developments, you can register as an Interested and Affected Party

The Trust will actively continue our research into our marine species so that we can better understand and protect them.