Lauren Waller awarded her PhD

January 06, 2012 by dyertrust

The Trust congratulates Dr Lauren Waller on being awarded her PhD for her work on The African Penguin Spheniscus demersus: conservation and management issues.

The Trust helped support Laurens studies and her work embodies a great deal of time, dedication and passion to the African penguin.

As per Prof. Les Underhill of the Animal Demography Unit:

This thesis examines the broader conservation issues facing the African Penguin. Through an analyses of aspects of African Penguin population demographics, biology and behaviour, including adult moult phenology and breeding trends, chick condition, adult foraging behaviour and their relationship to pelagic fish stocks, the manner in which the African Penguin interacts with the marine environment is examined. Comparisons are made between colonies throughout their distribution, and it is shown that African Penguins at different colonies do not respond to pressures or changes in their environments in a uniform manner, a factor which will have an impact on conservation management decisions. During the time that this study was undertaken, the conservation status of the African penguin changed from "Vulnerable" to "Endangered" according to the World Conservation Union (IUCN). The final chapter in the thesis examines the legislative context that provides for the protection of the African penguin in South Africa. It discusses the potential that the Biodiversity Management Plan for the African Penguin, drafted under the National Environmental: Biodiversity Act (No. 10 of 2004) will have in uniting stakeholders and focusing conservation efforts according to priorities.

To read more see where you will also find a copy of Laurens thesis for download.

Also note the interesting information on the recent satellite tagging of the juvenile African penguin.