RIP Brenda

October 25, 2012 by dyertrust

Brenda was fitted with a SPOT tag in Mossel Bay during the Ocearch tagging program held earlier this year. Brenda's full track can be seen below. In the past week, the tag began transmitting repeatedly from a village in Mozambique.

brenda great white pings"Pings over land are not uncommon, not every ping over land means the shark is on the beach," DICT researcher, Michelle Wcisel explains. "However, to get lots of pings in a small area over land is another story."

Researchers in the area were able to retrieve the tag from the fishing village. It is currently being sent to Cape Town for analysis.

Great white sharks are a protected species while they are in South African waters, but as this tagging program reminds us, great white sharks do not have passports. They are international animals and the only way to fully protect them is with international measures.

brenda great white