International Researchers Visit the DICT with Nat Geo

September 11, 2013 by dyertrust

National Geographic and Researchers from Stanford University visits the DICT to film a new documentary and conduct research into thebehaviorof Great White Sharks.

The first few weeks in August 2013 the Dyer Island Conservation Trust hosted Adrian Gleiss and Taylor Chapple from the Stanford University as part of a National Geographic expedition to Gansbaai, South Africa.

National Geographic was filming as part of a new documentary on Great White Sharks, and both Taylor and Adrian were involved with this shoot. Apart from the documentary they also used this opportunity to conduct research into white shark behavior. Oliver Jewell, resident biologist, was assigned to this team to facilitate and provide his valuable knowledge of the greater Gansbaai area and logistical as well as research support to this international team.

Both Taylor and Adrian are affiliated with the Stanford Universitys Hopkins Marine Station and The Monterey Bay Aquarium. This faculty focuses on advancingthe knowledge and understanding of highly migratory marine fishes through research, education, and conservation.

The research during this trip was focused on the bio mechanical performance and decision making of Great White Sharks when on a hunt. To capture this data they used dorsal fin cameras, hoping to capture the accelerations when the hunt is initiated and then also capturing the world famous Polaris breach during such a hunt on a Cape Fur seal to see if there is any last minute decision making before such an activity.

Numerous cameras were deployed during their 3 week visit to the DICT, and currently the footage is being evaluated to gauge the success of this research study.

Our appreciation goes out to the whole National Geographic team that chose the DICT as their facilitator of choice for their filming expedition - your choice made a difference.

Thank you to our partners Volkswagen South Africa for logistical support and a special thanks to the Department of Environmental Affairs for their assistance with the issuing of permits for the expedition.

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