Painting the World Blue

December 30, 2013 by dyertrust

Almost a year ago VW South Africabrought the wonderfully creative Popular Mechanics team with a group of avid PM readers to visit the DICT. They were here tolearnmore about our research into Great White Sharks and to experience these wonderful creatures for themselves first hand aboard Slashfin, our Marine Dynamics cage diving vessel.

Since then we have alsoturned intoavid Popular Mechanics readers, waiting in anticipation for our magazines to arrive each month....

So... great was the surprize when we opened the December 2013 issue of the Popular Mechanics Magazineto find our partnership with VW featured in the popular"Cool Stuff Guide".

It seems as if we are making the news at least once a month these days!!!

This isa very flattering article, and we all beamed with pride after reading it over and over again...

Painting the World Blue Banner 2