Rolling Hills Zoo Supports the DICT

November 09, 2013 by dyertrust

Early in 2013 the DICT was approached by Rolling Hills Zoo in Salina, America, as a possible charity for a long term fundraising project.

We were ever so glad, as the DICT is an NPO that relies on people with big conservation orientated hearts to sponsor the projects and operations of the Trust.
Beginning November 2013 we received the following wonderful news from the Rolling Hills Zoo team:

During the recent exhibition of Penguin Landing, a live animal exhibit featuring four African penguins, Rolling Hills Zoo made a commitment in helping to secure a future for African penguins through the Faces of Need nesting project with The Dyer Island Conservation Trust. Cash and coins were collected in the Penny Plunge throughout the exhibit period to help support the Dyer Island Conservation Trust.

Rolling Hills Zoo - Penny Plunge

By the end of the exhibition of Penguin Landing at Rolling Hills Zoo, $1,000 had been raised through the Penny Plunge for the Dyer Island Conservation Trust - enough to sponsor 22 penguin nests for the African Penguins in the colonies around South Africa.

We are extremely pleased to be able to put these funds toward the crisis facing South African penguins, said Rolling Hills Zoos Director of Marketing & Development, Vickee Spicer. Conservation education was a critical part of the exhibit and we felt like we were able to make a difference with help from the community and our visitors.

This amazing effort made by this wonderful Zoo on the other side of our planet is a huge compliment to the DICT, and a very appreciated contribution to our work.

Thank you Rolling Hills Zoo your choice made a difference in the lives of our endangered African Penguins!

For more information on this project please visit the Faces of Need Penguin Project.

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