Zimmermann Group - Sponsors become Friends and Family

June 01, 2015 by dyertrust

The 15th May 2015 marked the International Day of Families and Friends - celebrating the importance of your loved and cherished ones, close and far.

But it is not always just your blood kin that is considered family, or life long acquaintances that is considered as friends. Many a time those who whirlwind into your life - support and believe in you and your dreams also become friends and family - from a stranger walking into an establishment, to a friend in mere months.

Mr. Pierre Zimmermann is just such a man.

November 2014 he visited Marine Dynamics Shark Tours to book a Shark Dive for his year end break away with his employees and family. He met with Wilfred Chivell, owner of Marine Dynamics and founder of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust(DICT), and after a short discussion offered financial support to the DICT's newest project - the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary (APSS).

Brenda Du Toit, APSS Fundraiser, took Mr. Zimmermann around the APSS site and he was impressed but apprehensive about the timeline of opening on the 26th of February 2015, when the official building of the sanctuary only started in October 2014.

The whole DICT crew was excited to see Mr. Zimmerman's reaction when he arrived at the completed African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary for the first time on the 15th May 2015 - and a bit nervous. One always wonders if you have met their expectations.

After a very successful and amazing shark cage diving experience, with Marine Dynamics Shark Tours, the Zimmermann Group made their way to APSS.

Upon arrival they were greeted by Mark and Kim, our two African Penguins undergoing rehabilitation, basking in the sun in the Conditioning pen of the Rehabilitation area.

Brenda officially welcomed the group to APSS, and Trudi Malan - APSS Rehabilitation Advisor, addressed the group emphasizing why the support of people like Mr. Zimmermann is so vitally important to the rehabilitation and ultimately the survival of the African Penguin as a species.

The whole group got to tour the sanctuary with Trudi Malan and Xolani Lawo - APSS Rehabilitation Manager, who explained all the designated areas and the flow of rehabilitation to the group.

Mr. Zimmermann's words to Wilfred Chivell, as he departed with his group, will stay with us forever, " You make us dream, and we all need to dream, and you help us to keep that dream alive."