Become a “Supportive Shopper”

April 11, 2017 Trudi Malan

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust is excited to present you with the opportunity to become a “Supportive Shopper”.

We have joined one of the biggest fundraising families in the country, the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, program that forms part of the Woolworths Group.

This program allows shoppers the wonderful opportunity to support the Dyer Island Conservation Trust through, yes SHOPPING. Every time you shop and swipe at any of the partner stores, you are supporting our cause.

Imagine that – making a difference while you shop. We call that supportive shopping.

How does MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet work?

You apply for a free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card by registering online, or you can get a card at your local Woolworths store. You can link it directly to your Woolworths card so that you don't have to swipe twice! 

Select the Dyer Island Conservation Trust as your beneficiary.  

It’s quick and easy! 

  1. You can select up to three beneficiaries to reap the rewards of your shopping shenanigans
  2. You can change or add beneficiaries online or via the phone, without the hassle of getting a new card. 
  3. The supporter card is not a credit or debit card but simply raises funds for your beneficiary.
  4. When you buy items at any participating retailers swipe your card to give back to your chosen beneficiary at no cost to you

 How do join the ranks of the supportive shoppers?

  1. Online
  2. Download the application form here, complete and submit to MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet
  3. Want the form and more info please pop in at the African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary, we have application forms and cards on hand. You can start your supportive shopping spree immediately.

    You can get more info about MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet here

If you are already a proud supportive shopper, please consider adding the Dyer Island Conservation Trust as one of you beneficiaries click here