African penguin release 27 December 2017

December 28, 2017 Dyer Island Conservation Trust

It is always an emotional moment when we send these iconic, ocean warriors back to the big blue. It is literally a process of;

Blood - They are feisty and scared when they are admitted, biting the hands that feed them is a natural response.
Sweat - Cleaning, cleaning and more scrubbing to keep the penguin hospital in tip-top shape for the penguin patients.
Tears - On the day we return them to the wide open blue space, we shed a tear, because we made a difference, we gave them a second chance.

We can do the hard work, but we are thankful for every donation and contribution from our supporters. If you want to help us to make #EveryBirdCounts and to rebuild the African penguin population, please #GiveToSave