Thank you Tami

Thank you Tami June 26, 2012 by dyertrust The best compliment of our volunteer programme are those that return year after year. Tami Kaschke from Nebraska, US has been visiting us since 2009. She has become part of the family and her expertise and value to the team has grown. While here Tami assists with shark research and helps with functions [...]

Whale Blog Launched

Whale Blog Launched December 07, 2011 by dyertrust The first important steps have been taken and the monitoring of the cetaceans in the Greater Dyer Island area has begun. This blog will keep you informed about the progress of the PhD project. Katja Vinding Petersen is a student at the University of Pretoria, Mammal Research Institute, Department of Zoology & Entomology [...]

DICT at 17th EEA Conference

European Elasmobranch Association Conference  - October 2013.   Michelle Wcisel and Oliver Jewell represented the DICT at this event in Plymouth in the UK. This event was organized by UK based Shark Trust. Oliver presented on his masters dissertation on White Shark movement patterns around Dyer Island and Michelle presented on the practical aspects of the Gansbaai dorsal fin population estimate [...]

Leatherback stranding

Leatherback stranding December 17, 2011 by dyertrust   While filming with Blue Note Productions for their latest documentary in 3D, marine biologist Oliver Jewell discovered a deceased stranded Leatherback turtle amongst the rocks. I couldn't believe it, I just happened to look down and bam, it was there! Leatherback turtles are the largest living turtle in the world. Their front flippers [...]

Spoilt for choice! – Shark sightings

Spoilt for choice! August 14, 2011 by dyertrust I think the sharks must have started reading our Marine Dynamics newsletters. In July we left off hoping that our sightings would improve and that we would see at least one more spell of activity at Dyer Island again before winter season draws to an end. After a very dry sharky phase at [...]

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Whale Week 2013 – Filling a life sized wire whale with plastics

MARINE BIG 5 CONSERVATION MARQUEE AT HERMANUS WHALE FESTIVAL August 28, 2011 by dyertrust Every year Hermanus celebrates the arrival of the Southern Right whales. The statistics for ocean pollution makes for very grim reading – a study done in 2006 by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) estimates that every square mile of ocean is infested with around 46,000 pieces [...]

Shark Entertainment Inc. donates to DICT

Shark Entertainment Inc. donates to DICT December 15, 2011 by dyertrust For Dyer Island Conservation Trust's senior biologist, Alison Towner, Christmas came early. Once they wrapped up shooting for 2012s Discovery Channel Shark Week, Jeff Kurr of Shark Entertainment Inc. donated the Shark Spy system. Shark Spy is an underwater HD panning/zooming camera that can be mounted at the bottom of [...]

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Baby Cape fur seal stranded at Danger Point

Baby Cape fur seal stranded at Danger Point December 15, 2011 by dyertrust During the month of December, we often get many reports of stranded Cape fur seal pups. Pupping time is in full swing and the massive (+300kg) adult males are still on the island causing chaos defending their territories from rival malesand it is during that chaos that many [...]

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A busy July for Alison Towner and the Great white sharks

A busy July for Alison Towner and the Great white sharks July 26, 2011 by dyertrust July 2011 Studying great white sharks for the last five years in Gansbaai, I have often found myself out at sea wondering just what the sharks are up to on the other side of the headland- in False Bay. I have often imagined the same [...]

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Shark sightings

Shark sightings February 21, 2011 by dyertrust February 2011 has been an excellent month. We have encountered some spectacular white shark sightings and a drastic improvement on shark numbers from December/January. Interestingly, white shark presence has only been documented at Dyer Island and not in the normal shallow water reef system of Jouberts dam. The only female shark we saw in [...]

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