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Southern African Shark and Ray Symposium

Blog DICT: By Alison Towner The third southern African Shark and Ray Symposium, hosted by Shark Spotters and the Save Our Seas Foundation, took place from the 6th-9th of September at the Blue Horizon estate in Simons Town. A record 114 delegates attended to discuss the latest research findings on cartilaginous fish species along the southern African coastline. Marine Dynamics biologist [...]

Bottlenose Dolphin stranding at Romansbaai

Bottlenose Dolphin stranding at Romansbaai May 26, 2015 by dyertrust Bottlenose Dolphins are a common sight along the Overstrand coastline of South Africa. A welcome sight to tourists from all over with world, there is very few things as spectacular as seeing a pod of Dolphins playing the surf. On Friday the 21st of May a juvenile Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) [...]

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Enriching Young Minds

Enriching Young Minds August 05, 2015 by dyertrust As part of our environmental education programme, the Dyer Island Conservation Trust (DICT) and Each child made a plastic promise, which they signed, mentioning various ways in which they will help the environment, like taking a material or plastic bag to the shop instead of buying one, picking up plastic on the road, [...]

Enriching Young Minds -DICT celebrates Whale Day with Gansbaai Primer, in the Overstrand.

DICT celebrates Whale Day with Gansbaai Primer, in the Overstrand. July 9, 2015 by dyertrust In honor of whale day, representatives from the International Marine Volunteers, the Dyer Island Conservation Trust and Marine Dynamics made a special visit to an elementary school, Gansbaai Primer, in the Overstrand. A story was told to the children in which a Right Whale begins its [...]

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Hard at Work for Penguins at Stony Point Betty’s Bay!

Hard at Work for Penguins! April 16, 2014 by dyertrust On Wednesday, 12th February 2014, instead of volunteering on Marine Dynamics shark cage diving boat, Slashfin, seven of our International Marine Volunteers had the privilege to visit one of the largest remaining African Penguin colonies in the world, Stony Point in Bettys Bay.   These visits are a fortnightly institution for [...]

Cape Whale Coast Hope Spot ? highlighting our world…

Cape Whale Coast Hope Spot ? highlighting our world... August 23, 2014 by dyertrust Cape Whale Coast Hope Spot highlighting our world... The Overstrand region is built on a rich and diverse marine environment. Many of the small towns started off as sleepy little fishermans villages. Nothing much has changed, except the size of our towns, with eco tourism replacing much [...]

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Deployment Success

Deployment Success June 25, 2015 by dyertrust By Alison Towner, DICT. On Saturday the 20th of June, the second phase of this project took place. The afternoon provided perfect windless conditions as the crew and I launched Whale whisperer to deploy the rest of the receivers further afield in the peripheral areas of Walker Bay, Danger and Quoin Point. The weather [...]

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Stories of Help – FNB Protects Penguins…

Sawchuk tagged white shark female update March 24, 2015 by dyertrust Back in October 2014, our team deployed a pop off archival  or ‘PAT’ transmitter on a female white shark. We named the shark “Sawchuk” after the family who kindly donated towards her tag. Sawchuk with her tag clearly visible after she was tagged and tracked the first time in November [...]