DICT Treks along with Trekking for Trash Team

December 06, 2012 by dyertrust

Cleaning up the whole South African coastline is a mean feat when you are driving from area to area but doing this whilst walking the whole way?

This is exactly what Michael Baretta and Camilla Howard, from Can Do! Trekking for Trash, want to achieve in a mere 7 months.

Taking time off of their normal lives they started their trek in Alexander Bay, on the border between Namibia and South Africa, aiming to end at Kosi Bay on the border between South Africa and Mozambique.

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust, founded by Mr. Wilfred Chivell, supports their efforts. We met up with Michael and Camilla on Thursday morning at Caf on the Rocks in De Kelders, Gansbaai, to spend a day with them, walking and cleaning the coast from De Kelders to Kleinbaai.

A tough day, facing less than desirable elements lay ahead for our team of volunteers as they set out after Camilla and Michael, all geared with recycling bags, water, snacks and loads of sunscreen. Luckily there was accommodation waiting for them sponsored by the Great White House in Kleinbaai.

Michael explained that they started this awareness campaign when they realized that the world have stopped seeing litter, they knew they had to do something to draw peoples attention back this dire situation.

They are making a very big difference in a very big way, not only do they clean up the coast as far as they go, they still manage to fit in time to address schools and communities along the way, educating them about their initiative as well the importance of understanding the impact litter has on our daily lives.

It was wonderful to receive 2 bin bags full of fishing line, which has been collected on their walk around the Danger Point and Kleinbaai area all of this has joined the enormous statement pile of fishing line displayed outside the Dyer Island Conservation Trust office, at the Great White House.

We hope that everyone who learns about Can Do! Trekking for Trash, and every single person who see the fishing line statement pile outside the DICT office, will take the urgency of this message to heart, keeping our coastline clean for the festive season!