June 25, 2018

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust Environmental Education Programme(DEEP) second and third year intake learners visited the Two Oceans Aquarium on Wednesday, 20 June, as part of their programme. The programme focuses on the marine ecosystem.

During the course of the year the children learn about protecting and conserving the marine environment, including marine animals and rocky shores ecosystem. The visit to the aquarium aimed at showing the learners some of the marine animals that are covered in their curriculum e.g. stingrays, crabs, different shark species, fish species, jellyfish and many other species.

These learners are on their three year journey of becoming ambassadors for the ocean. The trip was an eye opener for these young ambassadors as most of them haven’t been out of Gansbaai. Seeing the big city was an amazing thing for the kids. They learned about movement of smaller animals through microscopes, which made them see the world in a different way. They asked the aquarium staff lots of questions about the marine life. Watching the feeding of stingrays was a highlight for them.

They learned about social stuff as well, using escalators, fork and knife, having the privilege to sit in a restaurant and order food of their choice. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for South African National Lotteries who sponsored the outing and Wilfred Chivell for extra spoils and treats. Thank you to Marine Dynamics and  the International Marine Volunteers who assisted with the children.