The Dyer Island Conservation Trust launched a three-year environmental education programme in 2016, known as DEEP. Every year we select 13 learners and in the first year, our first intake was already participating in an eco-school project. Now every year we select a new group to begin the programme and the learners are required to write a motivational letter stating why they should be selected. Presentations are given at our focus school, Masakhane Primary, for the Grade 5 learners. In 2020, we received 84 entries and a selection was made through thorough reading of every individual submission. The learners were welcomed by our graduates who are now in the DEEP Marine Club – the graduates shared what the DEEP is about and what they have learnt in these past four years.

Below are some of the comments made in the motivational letters:

“I would like to join this amazing group because I love nature and I care about it. I also want to learn more about the environment, and I want to be part of this group that cares and protects our ocean.”

“Sis Pinkey I would like to join your group because I want to learn more and also that the children that were in Grade 5 in 2019 said in the group, they learn the importance of our environment and what pollution does.”

“If I got the opportunity to join the group, I will learn a lot and take home what I have learned.”

“I would like to know more from you about everything that you do or teach your students and it will benefit me to be a well-respected woman in future and a strong woman that will reach her goals one day and know what is right and wrong.”

‘I want to learn about sea animals. I want to learn about sharks because people tell different stories and what we see in movies if it is true. I also want to know how sea animals survive and eat.”

“I heard that this group learn about water and water safety because I want to be a lifesaver. I want to be part of this group so that I can make a change even if I am a child. I want to teach other kids not to litter because if fish eats plastic it will die, and we won’t have any fish left to eat.”

– Pinkey Ngewu, Educator

Deep New Intake Selection 2020

Selection of new learners


Mervin Visagie explaining what APSS team do for the penguins


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Laticia Mudege, DEEP graduate, introducing DEEP to the new learners