At the end of last year, we brought you a story of our four Dyer Island Conservation Trust Environment Education Programme (DEEP) Alumni students that were selected to join the children’s reality series Roughing it Out (SABC 2).

They are back and the verdict is in, they had beyond a wild time! The participants were taken out of their comfort zone and had to challenge themselves to think outside the box.  They learnt the value of conserving the ecosystem and environment that provides us life. More importantly, they learnt that the future does not have to be bleak. They can be the change and steer us on the right path. Who better to explain their stories than the students themselves! 

The full story

Click on their names to read their full story:

“I always knew I have been created for greater things but roughing it out didn’t cross my mind. I am very grateful to Sis Pinkey and Marine Dynamics for such an opportunity, a once-off in a lifetime experience,” Laticia Mudege

“In Roughing it Out I learned a lot especially surviving in the wild. We learned five (5) different ways of purifying water, how to make shelter and how to find a meal. Those were the most interesting challenges I would like to repeat in the future,” Yamkela Tshontshi

“My favourite parts of our two weeks together were going to places I haven’t been at before, like going to Equine Sport Centre. We did one of my favourite challenges called English Mounted Games which basically meant doing obstacles on a horse while one of your team members had you on the horse,” Cody van Reenen

“We also got to clean horse stables, do horse grooming and horse back riding. With horse grooming we had to clean horses. I was scared the horse would kick but then I realised that looks can be deceiving. The horse I was riding was calm, stubborn, fun, kind, gentle and sweet. His name was Phoenix,” Rochelle Lottering