March 29, 2018 Pinkey Ngewu

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust’s Environmental Education programme known as DEEP takes on a group of learners from Masakhane Primary school. In the first year they do a presentation to Marine Dynamics staff and in the second year, they present to their peers on a topic of importance. Last year marine pollution was covered and this year the topic was water conservation.

The key message around water was its scarcity and the fact that only about 3% of all earth’s water is fresh water. Most of this water is ice and only 1% of it accessible for human use. The students explained that we cannot live without water because 66% of our human body is water. People, companies, and governments have to practice water conservation by reducing water usage. The increase in population, increase in industries and agriculture and pollution contributes to water scarcity especially in times of lower rainfall.  The learners raised awareness about the water scarcity in Cape Town which is approaching Day Zero.

When people use water, they often waste a lot. Very large amounts of water go down the drain without being used. To conserve water, the students were given some of the following tips:

  • Turn the water off while you are brushing your teeth or washing your face or shaving . If you turn off the tap you will be saving 4 Litres of water per brush/Shave.
  • Check your home and school for leaky taps or toilets, and tell an adult if you find one that drips because every drop a second is equivalent to 36 Litres of water per day.
  • Take short showers, and don’t fill the tub all the way when you take a bath.
  • If taking a shower put a bucket or water tray to collect water while running the shower to get warm water. If you use your shower wisely you can save up to 15 Litres of water per shower.
  • Don’t use a garden hose when watering plants but rather use a watering can.
  • Make sure the washing machine is full each time your family does a load or if washing by hand, don’t leave the tap running.
  • Don’t play with water.

In closing they encouraged everyone to make Earth a better place for all and the difference it will make if we all conserve water.