April 03, 2019 Dyer Island Conservation Trust

Tourism partners, friends, and media, gathered at an evening event with the team of Dyer Island Conservation Trust and Marine Dynamics to look back at nearly two decades of research, conservation and education achievements.

Our marine environment is under immense pressure and over the last two decades that Marine Dynamics and Dyer Island Cruises have been in operation, we have been witness to it. Throughout our dedicated work, we continually identify gaps in marine conservation, science, and awareness in their area.

The Dyer Island ecosystem is a complex and incredibly diverse habitat supporting the Marine Big 5 – sharks, whales, dolphins, seals and the endangered African penguin. We are a team of dedicated biologists, expert support crew, a dive team, and volunteers from all corners of the planet. Driven by a sense of purpose and responsibility the team’s greatest role every day is to ensure a positive interactive experience, monitor marine species and educate guests. The daily observational data from the eco-tourism vessels is critical and plays a large role in monitoring of species and forms the basis for our scientific publications. Scientific evidence is imperative to being able to influence policy decisions. We have 18 years of consistently collected observations from Dyer Island Cruises and 14 years from Marine Dynamics some of the world’s most extensive databases that exist for Southern African marine species.

The question of whether tourism does enough to conserve the wild habitat and species upon which their experiences are based, has been raised. Owner and founder of Marine Dynamics and the Dyer Island Conservation Trust spreads the message that “Your Choice Makes a Difference’ encouraging tour operators and travellers that choosing ethical operators is a way of giving back and ensuring your spending contributes to so much more.

Our key message was that even though we may be in a small part of the world, much can be achieved on a global level, with a dedicated team. Past achievements of conservation for the white shark and endangered African penguin were shared. The team also does Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV) studies, estuary monitoring, tagging of smaller shark species, seabird monitoring, shark egg collection – all in efforts to understand and protect this delicate ecosystem. “HOPE, ACTION and URGENCY will continue to drive our conservation and community work. We use events like this to spread the word and to effect change. Change becomes reality when people are informed about issues,” said Chivell. “We hosted the auction and raffle to add some fun to the event and were grateful to raise R28 500 which will support the efforts of the Trust. None of our work is possible without the support of our private and corporate donors, and the invaluable support of our conservation partners and the tourism industry.”

The event was held at the Two Oceans Aquarium who very kindly sponsored the venue in their incredible new predator exhibit room. Liezel van der Westhuizen was the MC and made sure to keep the audience entertained with her amazing energy and clear passion for marine conservation. The auctioneer MC du Toit made the bidding on items very entertaining and upbeat, sparking lots of laughs from the guests. So many people came together to help us have a great evening sharing our conservation journey with our travel partners, media, and friends.

Special Thanks to:

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