December 07, 2010 by dyertrust

Another fishing line bin has been placed in the Pearly Beach area at Jan-se- Klip. Elrina Versfeld of the Pearly Beach Conservancy (PBC) approachedus after they saw the successful implementation of the bins around Gansbaai.

Benjamin Kondokter of the Overstrand Municipality Gansbaai Administration together with Brenda Walters of DICT met Gerald Henrici, treasurer of PBC, and together they placed the bin in a strategic spot. Benjamin took GPS position readings. The municipality is responsible for the emptying of the bins and Benjamin is weighing the contents on a monthly basis, to measure the impact.

While out there, we stumbled across the tiny eggs of the White-fronted Plover, so well hidden and reminding one of the need to be sensitive to the birds currently breeding on our beaches over this festive season, especially the African Black Oystercatcher, says Brenda. The Municipality and Pearly Beach Conservancy have both placed signs indicating the breeding areas of the Oystercatcher and remind visitors to the area to be careful not to disturb the birds.

DICT has implemented a fundraising initiative to cover future costs of these specialized bins so if you wish to support efforts toward preventing marine pollution, pleaseclick here.


Photos(Below) Eggs of the White-fronted Plover and (Right) Gerald Henrici of the Pearly Beach Conservancy