February 19, 2019

Wilfred Chivell of Marine Dynamics and founder of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust was ecstatic to receive a R50 000 donation from International Marine Volunteer Susy Alexandersen. This money will go to the Dyer Island Conservation Trust’s conservation and community efforts.

Norwegian based Alexandersen had this to say, “In 2013 I went to Gansbaai for the very first time for shark cage diving as a client and I got to learn about Marine Dynamics and the International Marine Volunteer programme for the first time and about this amazing man Wilfred Chivell and what he does for conservation and marine life. I have always loved Great Whites and the mysteries of the ocean ever since I was a kid, so for my 30th Birthday in December I wanted to have a big donation party for the Conservation Trust and Marine Dynamics. And also talk about it and what important work they do. I’m now here for the fourth time and I will always return to my favourite place on earth and I am so happy I can help.”

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