It was African penguin love all round at the March for the Penguins fun walk. The African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary (APSS), a project of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, was invited by Lomond Wine Estate to host their annual 5km fun walk at the venue.

CEO of the Trust, Wilfred Chivell, says “We are grateful to the team at Lomond Wine Farm for hosting our annual event as it really helps with the costs meaning the penguins truly win. We do this event for two reasons – fundraising and awareness. Caring for our penguin patients is a costly affair and it is our responsibility to educate people about the pressures on this endangered species and the greater environment in general. We use events like this to spread the word and to effect change.”

Some participants went all out with their outfits, from specially made T-shirts to a penguin suit. The Overberg Wildfire Volunteers even used the opportunity to get in some training. Overall, the generous and fun spirit of those who attended was at an all-time high, perfect for what was also the International Day of Happiness.  On this day we are reminded that our actions matter and that each of us can help build a more compassionate world, wherever we are.  Fresh air, good Lomond coffee, and some awesome sponsored prizes really help round off a day. Through ticket sales and a few extra donations, R10 340 was raised.

Participants were reminded that the real race is that against extinction in the wild for the African penguin. With breeding pairs in South Africa at only 10 400, every penguin that can be saved through conservation efforts is essential to their future. The African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary is open from 9am to 4pm with a feeding time that be observed at 3pm. Entrance is free and offers an educational opportunity to learn about penguins and other seabirds. There is a coffee and curio shop on site and all profits are for the penguins.

Special thanks for the event are extended to David Mostert and Geoff McIver of Lomond Wine Farm, as well as event organiser Lejean Swart and her helpful team on site.

Thank you to prize sponsors: Marine Dynamics, Dyer Island Cruises, CapeNature, LaPentola Hermanus, Panthera Africa, Great White House, Lomond Wine.

Thanks to Gansbaai Tourism for manning the water table, and to Nico and Amanda for assisting with registration.

Enquiries: 0829075607 / Seabird Rescue Line: 0725987117

Yes, We Are Ready!We Are Ready

Ready, Set, Go!Ready, set, go

The Kok Family Went The Extra Mile For The African PenguinThe-Kok-family-went-the-extra-mile-for-the-African-penguin

Glenda Kitley For Gansbaai Tourism And Linda Chivell Manning The Water Point.                                                                         Glenda-Kitley-for-Gansbaai-Tourism-and-Linda-Chivell-manning-the-water-point

Girl PowerGirl- Power

Chantel And Johan Botha                       Chantel-and-Johan-Botha