Schools Donate to The African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary

November 28, 2016 Pinkey Ngewu


DICT was once again invited by Okkie Smuts Primary school in Stanford to receive a donation on behalf of the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary – APSS. As part of the school’s social development programme, the principal and learners started a coin project to assist the endangered African penguin. The school raised a total amount of R5500.00, with the grade 3 classes being on top of their game and raising more than R2500. It was such a pleasure to witness the excitement of the learners as they created a penguin with coins on the ground. We are truly grateful to the school principal and teachers initiating the project and the learners for their dedication and love for penguins.


The intro class (2-4 years old) from Montessori Private School in Hermanus raised funds from selling sweets, apples and mini pizzas and raised R600 with the help of their teacher, Lauren. The class decided to purchase an artificial penguin. DICT went to the school with a penguin house to show the children what  the house looks like. One of the small boys crawled inside the nest to observe it. The children were so excited and understood very well what pollution and entanglement does to the penguins. Some had so many ideas on how they can make life even better for the penguins. One boy had an idea of building his own penguin house with snow so the penguins won’t suffer from heat inside their houses. We are so grateful to the teacher for helping the children make a difference.