September 27, 2010 by dyertrust

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust (DICT) in association with Overstrand Municipality, Gansbaai Administration, is very excited to be establishing the Fishing Line Recovery and Recycling Program (FLRRP) along the Gansbaai shoreline, with specially designed disposal bins.

This innovative project aims to reduce the severe environmental damage caused by discarded fishing line on our coastline. Monofilament fishing line is non-biodegradable and can last for up to 600 years in the marine environment where it entangles wildlife, is mistakenly ingested by birds and animals, resulting in injury or death, and is also hazardous to boaters and swimmers.

By increasing public awareness about the negative impacts that fishing line debris has on marine life, water quality, and human welfare, we hope to reduce the amount of fishing line entering and remaining in the marine environment, as well as to increase the amount of fishing line being recycled.

A network of fishing line recycling bins has been placed by the municipality at local beaches and popular fishing spots in Gansbaai, namely: Kleinbaai, Franskraal, Gansbaai harbour and Romansbaai.

Anglers will be encouraged to recycle or dispose of their used fishing line at these bins. The Trust holds regular beach clean-ups with local schools and the community creating further opportunity for education.

The Trust would like to see this project go further afield and is grateful for the support shown by the Overstrand Municipality.

Please contact Brenda Walters +27 (0) 82 9075607 should you need further information.