Shark Entertainment Inc. donates to DICT

December 15, 2011 by dyertrust

For Dyer Island Conservation Trust’s senior biologist, Alison Towner, Christmas came early. Once they wrapped up shooting for 2012s Discovery Channel Shark Week, Jeff Kurr of Shark Entertainment Inc. donated the Shark Spy system. Shark Spy is an underwater HD panning/zooming camera that can be mounted at the bottom of the sea to monitor activity. Make sure you check out next year’s SharkWeek to see the incredible footage Shark Spy can capture!

For us at the Trust, this is a dream come true. Alison explains, There is so much we don’t know about down there. There are tons of smaller sharks, fishes, and rays that have never been seen before, it’s just incredible!

This technology will provide us with yet another way to study and protect the animals of this area.

Alison Towner is currently writing up her Masters thesis on the behaviour of the great white sharks in relation to environmental parameters.

You can read more on her shark blog.