Stranded seal and Risso dolphin

October 18, 2010 by dyertrust

It is very exciting to see that the Dyer Island Conservation Trust received a call from Lucinda Verwey in Vermont (Hermanus) regarding an injured seal at Vermont.

It turned out to be a juvenile.
As the animal rescue centre in our area, every day can hold new surprises. Saturday, 9th October, local residents, Alida Olivier and Eddie Enrico were out on the rocks at Haaiklip (Franskraal) when they came across a stranded dolphin. The local paper, the Courant, was contacted, who in turn contacted the Trust.

The dolphin, a juvenile Risso.

Special thanks to:

Fasttrax Marine
Alida Olivier
Paul Hendrick
Eddie Enrico
Hardus Botha (Courant)
Liesel Trollope
Trudi Coetzer