Still working under the theme: “Keep Trash In The Bin And Not In The Ocean”. Picking up litter is a simple environmental action to make the world better. Even children can and they gladly do it. We are proud of this young generation of environmentalists who joined hands in cleaning up Masakhane on the 25th of September. This clean-up reminded us that it is easier to segregate waste at home and to dispose of it correctly. This is what Pinkey Ngewu of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust has to say, “A waste free planet is not only a dream but can be and will be a reality. It is a shared responsibility.” A total number of 101 volunteers including the Dyer Island Conservation Trust Environmental Education Programme known as DEEP, Janine Titley of PlasLantic and her family, ProjectSA and Councillor Bennett Msweli collectively filled up 208 bags weighing 907,363Kg of waste.

Img 20210925 144413Kids geared up in their traditional attire for the clean-up

Img 20210925 161135Ready for the clean-up

Img 20210925 144616Young ambassadors ready for the clean-up

Img 20210925 154434Off we go to the streets of Masakhane

Img 20210925 151348Children picking up litter

Img 20210925 150657Pick up that litter

Img 20210925 150705Picking up micro plastic

Janine Titley of PlasLantic picking up all cigarette buts and micro plastic

20210925 212338DEEP Blue Ambassadors cleaning up