A penguin on the beach or rocks away from a breeding colony is normally a penguin in trouble.

What do you do if you come across a stranded penguin or seabird?

  • Keep dogs & people away.
  • Do not put the bird back in the water
  • Do not feed the bird
  • Contact the Sea-bird rescue line on 072 5987117. Provide the following info:
  • Area & name of the beach.
  • If you are not familiar with the area, look for landmarks that will allow us to find the penguin.
  • Send a location pin via WhatsApp
  • The rescue line operator will give you further instruction on what to do.

Why do penguins strand?

People often associate penguins with oil spills, but penguins do strand for a variety of other reasons including wounds, exhaustion, dehydration & disease. As the Dyer Island Conservation Trust we strive to have a stranding response network in place that will ensure that these compromised penguins are rescued and admitted to rehabilitation centres. #EveryBirdCounts