May 15, 2011 by dyertrust

A once in a lifetime experience working with whales at the tip of AfricaEvery year from July-December the seas off Dyer Island become home to large numbers of Southern Right whales who have journeyed here from their feeding grounds in Antarctica to breed and calve. Now, a newly introduced scheme offers a limited number of volunteers the rare opportunity to join us in boat-based whale watching and research.

With leaders in whale-watching and conservation,Dyer Island Cruisesthe Trust provides the chance to work with our team, includingmarine biologists, on the first purpose-built whale watching boat in South Africa,Whale Whisperer.

With multiple trips daily (weather permitting) volunteers experience close interactions with adult Southern Right whales as well as observing mothers and calves. These eco-tourism trips, which are limited to 20 guests, also regularly come close toGreat White sharks,dolphins,seals, the endangeredAfrican penguinand thousands ofseabirdswhich are resident in the bay. There are also sightings of Humpback and Bryde’swhales.

Volunteers become an integral part of our team hosting visitors from South Africa and overseas, assisting the boat crew and helping biologists to collect data and photograph the whales’ behaviour.

The new scheme is modelled on the very successful programme already run in conjunction with the shark cage diving companyMarine Dynamicsin which volunteers from all over the world are working with Great White sharks.

Find out more atwww.marinevolunters.comor contact Tracey Fourie attracey@sharkwatchsa.com

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