May 16, 2011 by dyertrust

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust is happy to support the initiative of Hayley McLellan, senior bird trainer at the Two Oceans Aquarium and Gabby Harris of Sea World. The Waddle for a Week kicks off on the 23rd May covering a distance of 122kms from Gansbaai to Simonstown ending at the penguin colony at Boulders Beach. The team will be staying at The Great White House on the evening of the 22nd. The Trust wishes them well in this venture created to raise awareness of the endangered African Penguin. Schools along the route have been notified and hopefully this will be a great opportunity for education.

Waddling for a Week
23rd to 28th May 2011
From Gansbaai to Boulders

An Animal Keepers Association Africa (AKAA) – Endangered Species Annual Awareness Campaign
This Campaign will raise awareness of the plight of our very own African Penguin which is only found on the Southern African Coastline, and has recently been declared endangered. This Penguin will be extinct in fifteen years if together we dont do something. We humans caused the problem so lets fix it.

In keeping with the world wide call of What can Zoos and Aquaria do to promote global conservation awareness, the AKAA has initiated an annual awareness program which will focus on one Endangered Species per year.
To spread the Penguin Promises message and inspire relevant social behaviour change, a couple of AKAA members and possibly a SANCCOB representative, will be waddling 150kms down the East coast of South Africa from Dyer Island, Gaansbaai, to Boulders in Simonstown, Cape Town. The significance of this walk is that it starts and ends at two of the main breeding colonies for the African Penguin and takes in the area of coastline frequented by these birds for feeding. Join us on route. Check the websitewww.penguinpromises.comfor details.

In support of this epic voyage, a dedicated portal has been created under the banner of the AKAA, whereby the entire event can be followed live and promises to help the Penguins can be made. The important fact here is that the pledges we are asking for are not money but ACTIONS, hence the slogan:

We dont want your Money Honey, we want your Love.

How can you help? We invite you to, Facebook Twitter Utube
Why dont you choose a promise (or create your own), and pledge a promise today at: sms 34008 with the keyword Penguin (followed by your pledge) – Sms charged at R2.00.
This campaign will be scientifically evaluated to ensure that it meets its objectives, and the research will help to inform future projects.
So that you have an idea of our daily times (all are approximate):
(I am working on 4kms/hr as a safe pace)
Mon 23rd20km (5hrs) depart Gansbaai 9am – arrive Stanford 2pm
Tues 24th24km (6hrs) depart Stanford 9am- arrive Hermanus 3pm
Wed 25th – 24km (6hrs) – depart Hermanus 9amarrive Arabella (before Kleinmond) 3.30pm
Thurs 26th29km (7.5hrs)depart Arabella 8amarrive Stony point (Bettys) 3.30pm
Fri 27th10km (2.5hrs) waddle from beginning to end of Strand incl thru shopping centre.
(Drive further to Muizenberg in the pm and waddle around town creating awareness for the Saturday final day)
Sat 28th15km (4hrs) depart Muizenberg surfers parking lot 8amarrive Boulders beach (Simonstown) 12pm