November 16, 2009 by dyertrust

The Isa Carstens Health and Skin Care Academy in Stellenbosch, is a valued supporter of the Dyer Island Conservation Trusts African Penguin Housing Project as their Social Responsibility project. The schools uniform is black and white and this has led to the students being labelled penguins. Every year, the students of the school have a penguin dress up to raise funds and awareness of theFaces of Need penguin housing project.

Much laughter was had on Friday 23rd September, as the judges, principal Hester Burger (dressed as a penguin), Marketing Officer, Cretienne Kotze, along with DICT, went to four different classrooms for a small show from each group. There was the penguin shuffle, some pop songs revamped into penguin songs, and the nest builders along with the grateful penguins. Seems there is some very impressive talent out there.

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust would like to thank the academy and Mrs Roos for their strong support.