February 28, 2011 by dyertrust

Wilfred Chivell of the Trust attended to a sick Cape Fur Seal. A call was received from Nico Opperman to let us know of the seals plight. On the recommendation of Mike Meyer of Oceans & Coasts, the seal was attended by a local veterinarian Dr Liesel Trollope. Special medication was delivered by courier to numb the seal. Once this was done and we were able to closely examine the seal, it was established that it had abscesses in both eyes. The abscesses had done such damage that caused blindness, making it impossible for the seal to survive in the wild. The approximately seven-year male seal was then unfortunately euthanized.

Sadly, not every rescue attempt is successful but the learning experience created for the team may prove invaluable for a future rescue.Wilfred Chivellthanks the public for their prompt reporting of animal injuries.

Group attending to Cape Fur Seal

Photo: Dr. Liesel Trollope prepares the aneasthetic drug assisted by Albert Scholtz ofDyer Island Cruises.
Nico Opperman(left) who called the Trust and Jason Stonehewer of Pearly Beach , who are members of DICT help. Dr. Liesel there and Wilfred.

On a happier note, theelephant seal which has been in our area the past month, far away from its home in sub-Antarctica, is doing well. She is in excellent condition and prefers to be on shore. She does not need food relief. An appeal is made to the public to keep their distance and allow her to rest. If she responds, or lifts her head or opens her mouth then it indicates she is already under too much stress. Such seals are from time to time to our coast and will leave us again soon.


Photo credit: Hardus BothaGansbaai Courant