October 12, 2010 by dyertrust

As the animal rescue centre in our area, every day can hold new surprises. Saturday, 9th October, local residents, Alida Olivier and Eddie Enrico were out on the rocks at Haaiklip (Franskraal) when they came across a stranded dolphin. The local paper, the Courant, was contacted, who in turn contacted the Trust.

The dolphin, a juvenileRissos dolphin, about 2metres in length, had many surface injuries most likely due from the actual stranding. It has never been confirmed why whales and dolphins strand but this particular dolphin had a high parasite infection with parasites leaving the body. Samples were taken which will be analysed. The dolphin was kept cool and wet as the rescue operation got underway. The dolphin was moved by vehicle to Kleinbaai harbour whereLwazi, the Trusts research vessel was ready to go into action to release the dolphin into the water. Local vet, Liesel Trollope, administered antibiotics and anti-parasite medication.

Alida Olivier never left the dolphins side. The boat went out to sea where marine biologist,Alison Towner, and Dickie Chivell, entered the water with the dolphin, which swam strongly away. It was a stressful yet triumphant morning.

Risso dolphin swims away

Special thanks to:

Fasttrax Marine
Alida Olivier
Paul Hendrick
Eddie Enrico
Hardus Botha (Courant)
Liesel Trollope
Trudi Coetzer