Every year on June 8th, World Ocean Day is commemorated to raise awareness of the ocean’s vital role in human life and ways to conserve it across the world. Everyone has a responsibility to participate and contribute significantly to the protection and conservation of the ocean. The goal of the Day is to raise public awareness about the impact of human actions on the ocean, to build a global citizen movement for the ocean. The ocean connects, sustains, and supports us all. Yet its health is at a tipping point and so is the well-being of all that depends on it.

The theme of World Ocean Day 2022 Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean. This   is to preserve water equilibrium and safeguard the sea and marine resources, as well as human life on the planet.

We not only commemorate World Ocean Day today. Dyer Island Conservation Trust (DICT) and Marine Dynamics, does this 365 days a year!  On this World Ocean Day 2022, we visited our local Masakhane Primary school to celebrate our Overstrand oceans.

DICT and Overstrand Municipality focused on marine pollution and ways we can tackle this issue.  We focussed on projects to minimize litter from source to sea which includes the Fishing line bin project, Storm water project and Beach clean-ups. CapeNature focussed on biodiversity  and the Gansbaai Tourism focussed on marine life, not just the marine big 5 in our area but that oceans should be protected for future generations.

Dyer Island Conservation Trust partnered with Conservation and Tourism partners CapeNature and Overstrand Municipality.  The Gansbaai Tourism also visited the young learners, telling them more about marine life. Young people need to unite to take care of our planet and live in a more sustainable way, guided by collaboration and resilience.

“Young people are important messengers. The youth today are the flag bearers of change while serving as a voice for the voiceless, the endangered species, the climate, and the waters, we can play a pivotal role in decision-making and serving as an inspiration to others,” says Pinkey Ngewu.

The day was a success and we reached out to 345 learners. We have to act now to prevent further damage to the planet and encourage restoration and rejuvenation.

Img 20220608 111910 040232Amy from Marine Dynamics Academy talking Marine litter

Img 20220608 Wa0011Pinkey Ngewu from Dyer Island Conservation Trust talking about impacts of marine litter

Img 20220608 112207 040203Glenda Maynard Kitley From Gansbaai Tourism talking about protecting our ocean for future generations

Mr Mcitheka – Deputy Principal of Masakhane Primary attending the World Oceans Day expo