The first global environmental summit held in Stockholm in 1972 led to the establishment of World Environment Day. The inaugural event, which celebrates the planet and promotes sustainable development, was first held on 5 June 1973.

Fifty years on, the planet faces the challenges of climate change, loss of biodiversity, and environmental pollution. This year’s theme, Only One Earth, not only echoes the slogan of World Environment Day 1973 but also speaks a truth that may have been forgotten. We are living as though the Earth is expendable and ignoring the impact trashing our oceans has on the single Earth we call home.

“We need to live in a way that is cognisant of Earth’s finite resources and in harmony with nature which is sustaining life”, says Pinkey Ngewu.

Over 150 countries will commemorate the day, the Dyer Island Conservation Trust Environmental Education Programme known as DEEP together with the Marine Dynamics Academy and the Overstrand Municipality conducted a clean-up at the Uilkraalsmond bridge to tackle litter from entering the estuary. Less than 1km was covered in 1 hour and filled 10 bags of trash.

20220530 Franz Reichel 275jpgOverstrand Municipality staff

20220530 Franz Reichel 286jpgMarine Dynamics Volunteers with DEEP kids

20220530 Franz Reichel 271jpgMarine Dynamics Academy interns at the clean up

20220530 Franz Reichel 303jpgMetal piece found

20220530 Franz Reichel 345jpgGreat work team

Piece of a car bonnet

20220530 Franz Reichel 330jpg10 bags filled in less than 1 km