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Leatherback stranding

NATIONAL COASTAL CLEAN-UP WEEK CELEBRATED LOCALLYDecember 18, 2008 by dyertrust<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-588" title="" src="" alt="" width="280" height="210">The week of 15-19 September, National Coastal Clean-up Week, was celebrated in style, with big yellow garbage bags and matching rubber gloves, by the Dyer Island Conservation Trust and Mr Dreyer's Grade 6 Class from Blompark Primary. The 34 students of the class were [...]

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Shark Entertainment Inc. donates to DICT

FACES OF NEED SHARKSNovember 29, 2008 by dyertrustOne hundred million sharks are killed each year. Thats 100,000,000! and this huge statistic continues to grow worldwide now as you read this article. In fact, the majority of shark species now (of which over 100 live off the South African coastline) are over 90% in decline, and the worst thing is the one [...]

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Baby Cape fur seal stranded at Danger Point

THE FIRST ANNUAL AFRICAN PENGUIN MEETING IN GANSBAAINovember 25, 2008 by dyertrustAfrican Penguins are the only penguin species that breed in Africa, and are found on offshore islands and a few land based colonies in Namibia and South Africa. Like many penguin species, the African Penguin population is in serious trouble with the breeding census figures released in 2006 documenting the [...]

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Whale Blog Launched

DICT MAKES DONATION TO SOUTH AFRICAN SHARK CONSERVACY FOLLOWING STORM DAMAGENovember 27, 2008 by dyertrust<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-598" title="" src="" alt="" width="280" height="208">On the weekend of August 30th 2008, the Western Cape witnessed a massive cold front that saw high winds and extreme sea conditions which caused significant damage along the whole of the coastline. One of the victims of this [...]

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European Union proposes ban on shark finning

European Union proposes ban on shark finningNovember 29, 2011 by dyertrustThe European Commission presented draft legislation forbidding shark finning by all vessels fishing in EU waters, and all EU-registered vessels operating anywhere in the world. Trust supports the The Fin Trail initiative. The promo and more information can be viewed here - 

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DICT’s internship programme gets promoted in U.S.A

DICT's internship programme gets promoted in U.S.ANovember 29, 2011 by dyertrustDICT Marine Biologist and Intern coordinator Michelle Wcisel set sails for her homeland of the USA in September to promote the DICT's internship program. Michelle gave talks in Michigan and Florida to very enthusiastic students who have already started applying for internship positions for next winter. It was also a great [...]

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Volunteer update

Volunteer updateNovember 29, 2011 by dyertrustAs this year is almost to a close, we were very fortunate to have such wonderful volunteers and interns this year. From 18 year old gape year to 68 year old retired war veteran as well as soldiers and marines from the USA and Afghanistan to some that accidently stumbled onto our programme. Some were here [...]

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Effects of Smart Position Only (SPOT) Tag Deployment on White Sharks

Effects of Smart Position Only (SPOT) Tag Deployment on White SharksNovember 16, 2011 by dyertrust The Trust is very excited about the latest scientific publication from our research team. Entitled Effects of Smart Position Only (SPOT) Tag Deployment on White Sharks Carcharodon carcharias in South Africa, the article on SPOT tags on white sharks has gone to press and can be downloaded [...]

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VW partners with DICT

VW partners with DICTNovember 16, 2011 by dyertrustThe Trust is very excited to announce that Volkswagen South Africa has recently decided to sponsor our work, first by the sponsorship of two vehicles and by an intensive marketing campaign encouraging the public to support our various research and conservation projects.Volkswagens vision is to become a company with meaning and impact in terms [...]

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Marine biologist, Alison Towner visits the U.K

Marine biologist, Alison Towner visits the U.KNovember 15, 2011 by dyertrustDuring the last two weeks of October, I was lucky enough to visit the UK, courtesy of Marine Dynamics and The Dyer Island Conservation Trust. My aim, as with previous years, was to promote shark diving and South Africa as a destination to the British diving community at the Dive show [...]

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