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SHARK & RAY RESEARCH MEETING February 27, 2011 by dyertrust Alison Towner and I attended the Southern African Shark and Ray Meeting hosted by the KZN Sharks Board in mid February. The first meeting of its kind, it offered the opportunity for scientists from across the country and Mozambique the chance to present their research and share ideas. The conference also [...]

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Introducing our first Leeds Uni masters candidate

Introducing our first Leeds Uni masters candidate June 12, 2012 by dyertrust Ill have to go with the old clich and say, Ive loved sharks since I can remember. My parents are still trying to fathom where it started. I grew up in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England; a city not particularly well known for producing marine biologists. As [...]

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Amy shares results of her study

Amy shares results of her study June 26, 2012 by dyertrust What has been the most unexpected result of your study? Three weeks in, I now have over 9 hours of underwater footage of white sharks visiting Slashfin. Some no-sea days due to bad weather have given me the chance to start analysing my footage, which involves extracting stills from the [...]

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The theodolite tracking is running like a well-oiled machine

The theodolite tracking is running like a well-oiled machine October 31, 2012 by dyertrust The theodolite tracking is running like a well-oiled machine and the team has seen sightings of humpback whales almost every week. These animals seem to have changed focus from migration to social behaviour. They spend much more time breaching and their pattern is not as predicable as [...]

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Acoustic tagged shark number 10

Acoustic tagged shark number 10 October 09, 2012 by dyertrust Finally, the long days of Masters thesis writing chaos have subsided for both myself and my co scientist Oliver Jewell, which means more time for acoustic tracking (I never though Id cherish the noise of those continuously pinging radio transmitters so much!). During this month of September we managed to successfully [...]

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Shark tagging programme update

Shark tagging programme update April 20, 2011 by dyertrust March and April have been really exciting months with regards to the DICT white shark tagging programme. We left off on this blog last time introducing Nina our fourth tagged 2.3m female shark. After tagging her in the shallows at the end of January, she made her way to Dyer Island where [...]

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Killer whales in Dyer Island area

Killer whales in Dyer Island area September 14, 2012 by dyertrust What is that? Is it splashes from a boat? Is it the wind coming in? NO! It is hundreds of common dolphins swimming into the bay!!! From the top of the water tower we can see up to 15km on a good day with clear visibility. On this unique day [...]

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Hermanus whale festival 2012

Hermanus whale festival 2012 October 08, 2012 by dyertrust Thisis the third whale festival that the Dyer Island Conservation Trust has participated in. The tent space dedicated to the environmental aspect of the festival was greatly increased meaning more conservation organisations could be involved. Under the organisation of Kim Mclean, we exhibited alongside Sanccob, Shark Conservancy, AOCA and many others. We [...]