Faces of Need Penguin Project- Making a difference?

January 17, 2013 by dyertrust

With a conservation status of Endangered, and few remaining colonies in tact along the South African and Namibian coastline, it is inspiring to see to what lengths businesses will go to make a difference in the lives of the African Penguin.

One of the biggest threats these birds face, is the decimation of their natural breeding habitat, which has contributed to the steady decline in their population, making them vulnerable to extinction.

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust, founded by Wilfred Chivell in 2005, has committed to making a difference.

Focusing on providing viable breeding habitat to these birds, the DICT is producing artificial nests which have been specifically designed to ensure a well ventilated protective nesting area. The production of 200 new design nests have just been completed, 150 of these nests have been allocated to Stony Point Reserve where they will be strategically

placed at this coastal colony. We have approximately 300 pairs of African Penguin which will be displaced by the moving of the fence line surrounding the Stony Point Colony says Cuan McGeorge from Stony Point. The 150 nests will then provide these displaced penguins with shelter and breeding facilities they will need after the move.

Apart from providing the existing colonies with artificial nests, the DICT also supports establishments which plays and active role in the conservation of this species. The Two Oceans Aquarium in the V&A Waterfront has as part of their exhibition The Sappi River Meander which covers the ecozones from Fynbos, Upper, Middle and Lower River Reaches as well as our Rocky Shoreline and Sandy Beaches. On the latter you will find their African Penguin colony. Their colony comprises out of African Penguins from as far as Aliwal Shoal in KZN, whilst others were hatched at the aquarium. This project creates huge amounts of awareness with numerous groups of school kids, and the normal visitors to the Aquarium.

The DICT has sponsored a penguin nest for this exhibit. On the day of installation Hayley Mclellan let us know We have added the nest to our beach site and the birds are already showing a keen interest!. During their presentations, up to two per day, they discuss the artificial nests and refer their patrons to the DICT for sponsoring of the project.

We wish the Two Oceans Aquarium and all of their projects the greatest success for 2013.

For further information on the Faces of Need project please visit our species and donation pages, you can also join us on Facebook for more current updates on all of our projects and endeavors.