“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”
― Douglas Adams,


We think we can now definitely confirm that the second theory has come to pass. We have entered the age of the “bizarre and inexplicable”.

The APSS team would like to use the 2020 African Penguin Awareness Day to shine a light on the fact that, whether we like it or not, we are all in this together. This little dot that we reside on, is all we’ve got.

All suited up

The African Penguin is an ocean sentinel, their plummeting population numbers have sounded the alarm about the bad impacts of over-consumption and the effect of pollution on the oceans. This charismatic creature is the best “suited” spokesperson for many other creatures that may not be as charismatic and iconic but also plays a vital role in the circle of life.

Apad 2020 Well Suited

A flock of very good people are trying to turn the tide for the African penguin, they know that the stakes are far higher than just the survival of one species. We are trying to keep all the links of this chain together, to keep the intricate system alive, not just to save the African penguin.

Our conservation efforts are reliant on the support from people who visit our facilities, the impact on our funding has been severe. We’ve had to focus not only on continuing with our conservation efforts but also ensuring that we can assist our staff during this very difficult time.

Hug A Penguin

Please feel free to plonk in some pounds, drop some dollars, empower with your euros or rehab with your rands.


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