To honour Arbor Day, the Dyer Island Conservation Trust collaborated with CapeNature and the Overstrand Municipality to plant 40 trees in  Willem Appeldam Picnic Area  in Stanford. Trees were sponsored by CapeNature and the Overstrand Municipality and included indigenous species –  Wild Olives,  Kei Apple,  Yellow Wood,  Cape Ash, Water Pear .  Phunyuzwa Xhegwana from CapeNature gave a brief overview of the importance of trees

Arbor Day is significant because of the importance and value of trees in our lives. Trees support biodiversity, good health, and counter climate change by absorbing carbon. Trees provide clean air, shade, and play an important role in the protection of healthy soil and water supply. Many trees provide fruits, nuts, berries, and leaves for food and raw materials to build homes and other structures. Arbor Day is part of Arbor Week, an opportune time to call on all South Africans to plant indigenous trees as a practical and symbolic gesture of sustainable environmental management. This is part of the government’s efforts towards greening of communities. Greening refers to an integrated approach to the planting, care, and management of all vegetation in urban and rural areas, to secure multiple benefits for communities. Arbor Week aims to promote and create a better life for all.


20210903 120719[1]Phunyuzwa Xhegwana from CapeNature educating DEEP learners about the importance of trees

Img 20210903 133334[1]  Backpacks sponsored by the Overstrand Municipality

Img 20210903 124133[1]DEEP digging holes for tree planting

Img 20210903 124734[1]Planting trees

Img 20210903 131300[1]

20210903 121619[1]Benjamin Kondokter from the Overstrand Environmental Management showing learners how to plant trees

20210903 122238[1]Learners excited to plant trees