August is a busy month with our volunteers and interns

September 18, 2011 by dyertrust

August was a great month for the volunteers and interns. We had loads of sea time and little time on land.

Sharon and Stephen from the UK, was our first married couple to join our programme. They were a real asset to our programme and always hard at work on sea and off. As they are both teachers, they were happy to help biologist Michelle Wcisel educate our local school kids on our marine animals.

Davey also from the UK was our intern and always keen to help with the not so glamorous side of the research and doing loads of data. He was also always keen to help the new volunteers and show them around.

After 6 weeks here with us, Gina from Australia had to say goodbye and she will be missed. She always had a smile and such a good heart, loved all parts of the conservation aspect and did everything with so much compassion for the animals.

We also wish Kirsten all the best in her future as she is dedicating her life to helping sharks and she is also currently writing a book. Kirsten will showcase our shark research at the UK Shark Week.

Eveline from Switzerland was very nervous but once she went to sea once, she was hooked and the quiet lady could not stop showing her excitement every time she saw the sharks and the whales.



Thank you to all the volunteers that have been a part of Marine Dynamics for all you have done. Without you we would not have been able to achieve so much in research as we did. Your passion, enthusiasm and hard work are very much appreciated and we wish all of you the best. Until we meet again.