November 12, 2010 by dyertrust

We are proud to be assisting the Football Foundation with their WHALE (We Have A Lovely Environment) education programme!The main focus is to present programmes sharing knowledge and skills with the youth equipping them to take action for the environment, health and social development. Of the six week programme, the Trust is responsible for two sessions. The first, a beach cleanup, held on the 12th November 2010, saw the twenty chosen pupils of Blompark Primary, meet at the Great White House for a quick talk on marine pollution followed by a practical session on the beach collecting waste and analysing where it comes from, while filling in data sheets. That which could be recycled was done so upon return. The children were also told more on the research being done in the area on the various species.

Beach clean up with Football Foundation and DICTTwo weeks later, the children returned for a lesson on the Marine Big 5 –whales,sharks,seals,penguinsanddolphins– by Michelle Wcisel, marine biologist with Dyer Island Cruises. They were then taken on a boat trip around Dyer Island and Geyser Rock by Dyer Island Cruises staff, where they were able to see the seals and birdlife of the area.

The programme continues next year and the Trust looks forward to educating the youth and hopefully inspiring some future conservationists.

Special thanks must go to DSB Tours for transport.



Football Foundation kitted up to go on Dyer Island Cruises boat