Exciting Donations for Shark Research

January 27, 2012 by dyertrust

Well January 2012 has certainly kicked off well for shark research. Shark clients of Marine Dynamics have continued to be generous with two notable donations that we just have to tell you about.

First Elias and Alexandre Jacobson from Sweden donated R10 000 (66 blocks) and then Rita Myers of the USA donated R15 000 (100 blocks). Rita is an educator working closely with racoons for Project Wildlife one of them named Oli (perhaps after our biologist Oliver?)

To learn more about our great white sharks, to understand their behaviour and therefore better protect them involves hours of dedication and serious funding. We borrowed equipment to start off with but have now purchased the necessary. Just to give you an idea: an acoustic tag costs R5000, the VR100 that receives the signal and provides all the necessary information another R100 000 not to mention fuel and other costsso every donation is sincerely valued.

We name sharks when doing fin identification data which helps us to build a population estimate. Soon a shark named Rita and Alexandre will be circling the bay.

To have a shark named after you, donate 100 blocks or more.We promise to send you a photo and you will be listed as one of the top Platinum supporters


DID YOU KNOW? It is estimated that there are only 3500-5000 great white sharks left in the world!