Beach clean up with Dibanisa

June 01, 2012 by dyertrust


DICT conducted a beach clean upat Kleinbaai together with the Dibanisa Programme.

‘The girls were welcomed with hot dogs and cold drink. Due to the rain, they had to make some makeshift rain coats out of the plastic bags used for the beach clean-up! Nikki (DICT’s new Operations Manager) spoke to the girls about the effects of pollution and the importance of throwing our rubbish away.

They then walked down to the tidal pool where the girls collected rubbish. We had some very enthuisiastic participants and were amazed at the amount of rubbish which was collected! On the way back, the girls started singing! When they got back to the Great White House, the girls were asked to sing their song again. Everybody enjoyed the song so much that they were asked to do a second and third song!

We want to thank everybody at the Great White House for welcoming our Dibanisa girls!’

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