The Dyer Island Conservation was very pleased to receive a R10 000 grant from the Khula Cape Foundation for their long standing environmental education programme. The mission of the Khula Cape Foundation is to preserve, promote and encourage literature, the visual and performing arts and the natural and cultural environment in the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape Provinces.

In 2016, the Trust established the Dyer Island Conservation Trust’s Environmental Education Programme, known as DEEP. DEEP works with dedicated groups of young learners from Masakhane Primary School in Gansbaai, and runs for three years to monitor and evaluate the impact and growth of each individual learner. These young learners are exposed to the field of science and conservation that serves as a forerunner for future skills training. Graduated students remain involved as part of the DEEP Marine Club and help mentor the younger groups.

Educator Pinkey Ngewu connects with the families of the learners and works together with the school and greater community which enhances the programme’s objectives. Pinkey is passionate about education and says, “Environmental education inspires me. Educating children about conservation gives me the most satisfaction. I believe that the young generation is capable of changing and protecting the environment for future generations and for their enjoyment. Engaging them in the outdoors, connecting them with nature and empowering them at the same time to explore and share their personal experiences. This gives them the ability to listen as nature speaks to them.  The power of nature to transform us, infusing all of our senses, becomes evident through these vivid, lasting connections.”

The project is funded by private and corporate donors. We appreciate all support:

Img 7185 (1) Img 7164 (2)DEEP new intake Endinako  Cakatha  presenting to crowd

DEEP  new intake  Kamvalethu  Nomnganga giving ways in how we can  reduce  waste from going into the ocean